Help to stop Russian aggression against Ukraine

We call on everyone to support Ukraine in this horrific time in any way possible. The National Bank of Ukraine has created a special account for charitable transfers of funds from international partners and donors. Every $1 matters.
Today is
day of Ukraine's
heroic resistance
8.8+ million
44+ million m2
living area destroyed
civilians were killed
Help Ukraine

Russian aggression

Russian Federation's attack on Ukraine is also an attack on the VyOS project and many others, as we are all a part of a global system with shared goals, needs, and values.

Help Ukraine

Solidarity with Ukraine

The VyOS team, just like our project, is highly distributed, with people, both employees and community members in multiple countries worldwide, including Ukraine, and we are proud to call VyOS a global project that makes our world better.

Stand with Ukraine. Save peace in the world!

These buttons lead to official resources where you can help Ukraine and Ukrainians

Ukraine is grateful to every concerned citizen and for their support

Your donations help Ukraine with

Most important things

  • Humanitarian aid

    Humanitarian aid

    Your money provides people with urgently needed food, medicines, shelters, supports refugees and temporarily displaced persons.

  • Booming IT industry

    Booming IT industry

    Ukraine is the country of 220 000 IT specialists with $5 billion in export revenue. In recent years, the industry showed world-beating performance.

  • Stand for democracy

    Stand for democracy

    Ukraine is a country of 40 million people. 30 years ago, our country was released from Soviet rule and headed for democratic values.

  • Military Support

    Military Support

    Equipment of Armed Forces and defenders of Ukraine: body armour, thermal imagers, helmets, and other military equipment.

Help Ukraine in the war with Russia

Ready to help? Glory to Ukraine!

Ukraine is grateful to every concerned citizen and for their support