Kherson, Ukraine
June 6, 2023. Photo: AP Photo
The evidence suggests that Russia destroyed a huge, vital dam in Nova Kakhovka. As a result of the breach of the dam, the nearest cities are drowning in waterEmergency Fundraiser
Kherson, Ukraine
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Searching the way how to help?

This list reflects the general needs of internet communication in Ukraine, if you can help please keep Ukraine connected.

  • Fiber Repair ToolsFiber Repair Tools
  • Power GeneratorsPower Generators
  • WIFI P2P SystemsWIFI P2P Systems
  • Core SwitchesCore Switches
  • Q/SFP ModulesQ/SFP Modules
  • Starlink Satellite SystemsStarlink Satellite Systems
  • WIFI Access PointWIFI Access Point
  • Access SwitchesAccess Switches
  • RoutersRouters
  • ServersServers

Got something from this list, or other available tech but not sure whether it’ll be useful? Please follow the button:

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