Rolling release

VyOS rolling release images are built daily and include the latest code written by maintainers and community contributors.

You can download the images

Download Rolling Release


They are best suited for testing, lab routers, and home/small office networks of advanced users. Since latest changes are included in the image automatically, they are not guaranteed to be stable, can be broken occasionally, or the behaviour and config syntax may differ from a future LTS release.


It shouldn’t discourage you from testing them: image-based upgrade makes it easy to revert to an older image, just run “set system image default-boot ”, or choose a working image in the GRUB menu. Please report all bugs you find in the rolling release in our bug tracker.


For production routers, we recommend using LTS releases. To get an installation image, you can buy a subscription, contribute to VyOS and request a contributor subscription using this form, or build an image yourself.