Rolling release

VyOS rolling release images are built daily and include the latest code written by maintainers and community contributors.

Rolling release

The rolling release is best suited for networking labs, as well as home routers of power users, and non-critical production routers.

It’s not guaranteed to be stable and is likely to contain uncaught bugs. We try not to break it, but sometimes it might not be able to boot or load your config, so make sure you have console access to the router before upgrading. VyOS image management system makes it easy to revert to an older image if an upgrade goes wrong as long as you can access the router console: just pick a different image in the bootloader menu.


Testing is really important because it helps us find and fix bugs before they make it into an LTS release. We encourage everyone to try their configs with the rolling release and report the findings, or run it on a router that handles some real traffic. Active testers are eligible for contributor subscriptions.


Rolling releases are built from the Git branch named “current”. To build your own, you should clone and follow the instructions in README.

You will not have to build every package from source because we provide a repository with the latest packages, and the build scripts are set to use them by default, unless you specify a different package source in the configure script options.