“Getting yourself certified is the best way to future proof your career.”

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Position yourself to make the most of open-source networking opportunities

Our certification offers an opportunity for network specialists to prove their skills and knowledge in the domain of open-source router, VPN and firewall technologies with a focus on the VyOS platform.

Earn badges and certifications, and become a member of a vibrant community with a VyOS certification.

  • Get to know the core team behind VyOS better.

    Get to know the core team behind VyOS better.

  • Earn badges and certifications to prove your skills.

    Earn badges and certifications to prove your skills.

  • Explore open-source routing from inside-out.

    Explore open-source routing from inside-out.

  • Access premium features and VyOS LTS as rewards

    Access premium features and VyOS LTS as rewards.

Available Certifications

Discover our Certifications type list

Become a VyOS-Certified Network Technician

for VyOS Subscribers$100

VCNT is an entry-level certification designed by VyOS engineers for those who are yet to explore our network OS as part of the training process.

Applicants get the chance to prove their general understanding of how networking works in a home lab or a small business environment.

Certification Rewards:

Network Technician

Become a VyOS-Certified Network Engineer

for VyOS Subscribers$100

VCNE is a certification for engineers who already have some experience in networking and system administration and would like to work on enterprise-level projects.

Applicants get the chance to prove their network management, traffic control, routing and troubleshooting skills.

Certification Rewards:

VCNE Plus BadgeVCNE Plus Certification
Network Engineer

Become a VyOS-Certified Network Security Expert

for VyOS Subscribers$100

The VCSE certification is of the same level as VCNE, however it focuses on a different side of network engineering - network security.

Applicants get the chance to prove their skills with establishing a secure infrastructure, using tunneling protocols and the capabilities of firewalls to their fullest.

Certification Rewards:

VCSE Plus BadgeVCSE Plus Certification
Security Expert

Become a VyOS-Certified Network Automation Engineer

for VyOS Subscribers$100

The VCAE certification is designed to test one’s skills with additional tools and projects in combination with the VyOS platform.

Applicants get the chance to prove their ability of automating an enterprise-grade network infrastructure with Python, Ansible and additional DevOps tools of choice.

Certification Rewards:

VCAE Plus BadgeVCAE Plus Certification
Automation Engineer

Prove Yourself as a VyOS-Certified Expert

for VyOS Subscribers$100

The VCEx certification is the highest level of accreditation. Our engineers have designed this exam for those who know the ins and outs of our open-source network OS.

It is also assumed that the applicants have completed all previous certifications before attending this exam, though there is no direct vertical prerequisite and those confident in their abilities are free to start from the very top.

Certification Rewards:

VCNT BadgeVCNE Plus BadgeVCSE Plus BadgeVCAE Plus BadgeVCEx BadgeVCEx CertificationLTS Release ISO
VyOS-Certified Expert

How do I prepare myself?

We are currently working on full-blown online certification courses similar to those you see on Coursera or similar platforms. In the meanwhile, we recommend that you get familiar with the documentation and resources that are already available and then put them to good use.

Remember - practice makes perfect!

FYI: If you are looking to contribute to the future of open-source network engineers and would like to help us with educational materials - feel free to reach out. You will be credited as a co-author in our academy, and you’ll receive all of the benefits we offer to VyOS project contributors.

How do I get started?

Follow the instruction


Here are some resources to help you learn more about VyOS, keep up with the development, and participate in it.

Additional Benefits

Your VyOS certification comes with additional benefits and opportunities:

Additional Benefits
  • All VyOS Pro and Corporate subscribers gain access to the certification free of charge
  • We are more than willing to accept applications from VyOS-certified engineers
  • Certification and badges will earn you a couple bonus points in the eyes of our open-source community

Become a VyOS-Certified Network Engineer today!

Prove you’ve got what it takes.



  • Are there dedicated educational resources available for me to prepare?

    Not at the moment. We are currently working on a series of educational courses, however the Wiki, project documentation, VyOS knowledge base, and the forum are at your disposal.

  • Are exam fees refundable if I don’t pass?

    No, you pay a one-time, non-refundable fee. The costs you invest are meant to maintain the exam infrastructure as well as compensate for the time of the proctor.

  • Will I receive a serial number on my certification after passing an exam?

    Yes, a dedicated serial number will be provided to you upon successfully completing the exam.

  • Do I get different serial numbers if I pass several exams?

    No. However, there are two types of serial numbers. A serial number will be issued for passing any or all level 1 and level 2 exams. Another serial number for passing the VCEx exam.

  • Why create two types of serial numbers if I can take VCEx from the very beginning?

    Obtaining the VCEx serial number is the highest certification program VyOS currently can offer.

    Also, obtaining the VCEx serial number will allow the candidate to download the LTS .iso as long as the serial number is active and valid. The lower level serial number does not have this privilege.

  • What are the online exam application programs being used in VyOS certification program that I should care about?

    To save time during the exam, it would be helpful to familiarize yourself to the following applications in advance.

    • Wireguard or OpenVPN is used for connecting to the online exam network
    • Debian LTS with Xfce is used as desktop environment as a client
    • Debian server is used as a server
    • And get familiar with VyOS router / firewall for obvious reasons
  • What is being recorded during the certification exam?

    The entire exam session is recorded. However, audio is not.

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