Improve your Exoscale with VyOS

Exoscale is a European cloud provider focusing on simplicity and security. Its goal is to provide simple, scalable, and affordable cloud infrastructure services.

As an alternative to big, powerful but expensive virtual server providers, or hosting servers with limited support possibilities, Exoscale intends to provide an easy-to-use cloud offering and solid support. At the heart of Europe, Exoscale’s servers offer reduced latency and the great protection afforded by Swiss data protection legislation. Realizing the fact that users want to benefit from a cloud server near their home, the Swiss startup has, therefore, changed its strategy to develop local servers and become a European player. For issues of latency, legality, but also trust — it is understood that users prefer to know their data near home.

Being an EU-based company, VyOS is also an open-source network OS based on GNU/Linux that provides a unified management interface for all-functional traditional hardware routers. Designed to assume the role of a central point of secure traffic exchange in the cloud environment, or between the cloud and external resources, VyOS has a powerful routing, VPN, and firewall functionality. It's a well-known all-in-one networking solution for organizations whose values are flexibility and high effectiveness.

Along with bare metal and hypervisors, it runs on cloud platforms that allow using the same OS and connecting your on-premises networks to cloud sites without the limitations and costs of vendor-specific VPN solutions. Additionally, you can build an inexpensive remote access VPN for your distant personnel.

Improve Your Exoscale Infrastructure With VyOS

Common use cases


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Key Solution Benefits

  • VPN Technologies

    Flexible selection of VPN technologies, including DMVPN and modern WireGuard along with advanced dynamic routing support, transform VyOS into a centralized management hub for connecting cloud networking environments and bridging the gap between cloud-based Exoscale and your on-premises infrastructure.

  • Private Cloud

    Build your own Virtual Private Cloud relying on privacy-minded IaaS fully compliant to regulations and standards. Combine services like Private Networking, Private Connect, and Dedicated Hypervisors to safely extend your existing on-premises infrastructure to a Hybrid Cloud at a fraction of the cost.

  • BYOL License

    Bring your own license (BYOL): In this scenario, Exoscale provides the pure IaaS according to the Exoscale end-user service agreements (EUSA); an image of the virtual VyOS instance can be provisioned via the Exoscale add-ons portfolio.

  • Manage Devices

    With Exoscale, taking care of computing resources, and VyOS, providing connectivity for them, you avoid the issues associated with managing your own hardware, servers, or network devices.

  • DNS Features

    Bring more flexibility with Exoscale's DNS features like Anycast DNS and VyOS to provide transparent access to your data in multiple sites, controlled by automation tools via APIs.

Easy to deploy

Easy to deploy

You can automate the deployment with your DevOps tools of choice, or you can deploy the image manually through the Exoscale console. Upgrade it to the latest version of VyOS and move the config to a freshly updated instance. You won’t need to reinstall and configure the appliance from scratch. The deployed VyOS appliance is ready to work with the network, thanks to the automatic configuration from Exoscale Meta-Data service.

What Our Customers Say

More than 500 businesses use VyOS globally.


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Why VyOS?

Efficient and Versatile

Advanced routing capabilities, multi-protocol VPN, and a stateful firewall are but the tip of the iceberg.

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