VyOS and Zededa

As critical IoT and edge systems become increasingly interconnected, the inherent challenges in security and complexity are becoming more apparent. Efficiently deploying network functionality within distributed environments while maintaining security for both legacy and modern IoT and edge devices can be a daunting and time consuming task.

VyOS and ZEDEDA have partnered to provide a seamless and unified network solution for distributed edge environments. Leveraging the ZEDEDA edge orchestration platform together with VyOS Universal Router enables organizations to efficiently distribute network functions and services closer to where they are needed, optimizing network traffic and enhancing overall edge computing efficiency.

Improve Your Zededa Infrastructure With VyOS

Benefits of a Unified Network Solution for the Distributed Edge

Built to address the challenges of the distributed edge, the joint VyOS and ZEDEDA solution provides seamless integration of workloads, efficient distribution of edge capabilities, robust orchestration, and uncompromising zero trust security. Benefits of the joint solution include:

  • Enhanced Network Functionality

    VyOS is an open-source network operating system that offers robust routing, firewall, and VPN capabilities. By combining VyOS with ZEDEDA’s edge virtualization and orchestration platform, organizations can extend these networking functionalities to edge devices, enabling secure and reliable communication across distributed environments.

  • Open Source Collaboration

    Open source principles are core to both VyOS and ZEDEDA, fostering collaboration and community-driven development, while also enabling customers to avoid risk of vendor lock-in. By joining forces, the VyOS and ZEDEDA solutions benefit from shared expertise and contributions from a diverse community, resulting in continuous improvement, bug fixes, and new feature development

  • Increased Security

    VyOS offers advanced security features, including stateful firewalling, VPN encryption, and network segmentation. The integration of VyOS with ZEDEDA’s zero trust security architecture, customers benefit from a comprehensive security framework and can enforce consistent security policies across their edge infrastructure. This helps protect sensitive data and resources while ensuring secure communication between edge devices and the central network.

  • Scalability and Flexibility

    ZEDEDA enables the seamless management and deployment of virtualized network functions (VNFs) on a wide range of edge devices. By integrating VyOS, which is highly scalable and flexible, organizations can leverage the combined solution to efficiently scale their networking capabilities as per the requirements of their edge deployments.

    • VyOS CLI Layer
    • HTTPS API Layer
    • VyOS Configuration Layer
    • FRR
    • Wireguard
    • Strongswan
    • OpenVPN
    • OpenConnect
    • HA-Proxy
    • Accel-PPP
    • ISC DHCP
    • FastNetMon
    • App Layer
    • Linux Kernel
    • Any x86 64 bit based HW


      Cloud Provider


  • Zededa
  • Hardware

Solution Overview

Together, ZEDEDA and VyOS provide a unified network solution for edge environments, providing seamless integration of workloads, efficient distribution of edge capabilities, robust orchestration and uncompromising zero trust security. The solution:

How We Do It

ZEDEDA Partner Spotlight: Secure and Flexible Network Infrastructure for Edge Environments


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