VyOS on Hyper-V

Hyper-V is a Microsoft technology for virtualizing operating systems and hardware components.

Hyper-V lets you create virtual hard drives, virtual switches and a number of other virtual devices all of which can be attached to virtual machines. This is a popular hypervisor that can be further enhanced with the networking capabilities brought by the open source VyOS.

Hyper-V Virtual Switch comes with programmatically managed and extensible capabilities that allow you to connect virtual machines to routers and other devices on virtual and physical networks.

VyOS is a virtual router that allows you to have a separate network for all of your Hyper-V virtual machines and route their traffic to the internet through your private networks. With a virtual router, you can configure an unlimited number of routed subnetworks for your Hyper-V virtual environment with as few as two virtual network adapters and extensive use of VLANs.

VyOS includes drivers and other modules required for ideal performance and dynamic hardware reconfiguration in Hyper-V environments. In addition, VyOS does not have per-instance and per-core licensing, meaning you can scale your installations without having to worry about additional investments.


  • Automation Friendly

    Automation Friendly

    You can automate the deployment with your DevOps tools of choice, or you can deploy the image manually through the VyOS CLI. Afterwards, you can upgrade it to the latest version of VyOS and migrate the config to a freshly updated instance. You won’t need to reinstall and configure each appliance from scratch

  • Advanced Routing & Networking

    Advanced Routing & Networking

    VyOS offers standard network services such as DHCP server and relay, DNS forwarding, and web proxy. QoS and policy-based routing allow for the optimal handling of the traffic flows. Support of advanced firewall and NAT.

  • Reliable Connection

    Reliable Connection

    Establish a controlled access to your private and public networks as well as the internet in general. Hyper-V provides replication and backup functionality for virtual machines. Increase the availability and reliability of routing paths via automatic router redundancy on an IP subnetwork with VRRP.

  • Configurable Environment

    Configurable Environment

    Hyper-V allows configuring individual parts of a virtual machine like a physical computer, such as memory, processor, storage and networking in different ways in order to meet various needs. VyOS may be adapted to any network topology and required extent functionality.

Improve Your Hyper-V Infrastructure With VyOS

Common Use Cases

Discover VyOS and Hyper-V most used cases

  • Multi-site Gateway

    Multi-site Gateway

    Connect your private and public networking infrastructure to remote sites using a plethora of tunneling and encryption protocols: GRE, VXLAN, IPSec, IPIP, SIT, WireGuard.

  • Multi-protocol VPN Gateway

    Multi-protocol VPN Gateway

    Get all benefits from different VPN protocols: IPsec (IKEv1 and IKEv2), OpenVPN in client-server mode, WireGuard, open-source implementation of DMVPN compatible with other vendors.

  • Edge Gateway

    Edge Gateway

    VyOS opens a lot of opportunities: load-balancing, traffic control, device protection with a powerful, zone-based stateful firewall that supports both IPv4 and IPv6, as well as source and destination NAT.

Technical Requirements



  • 64-bit x86 processor with second-level address translation (SLAT)
  • 4 GB of memory (8 GB recommended)
  • VM Monitor Mode Extensions


  • One or more virtual CPU cores
  • 512 MB memory with balooning disabled (1 GB recommended)
  • 2 GB permanent storage
  • One or more NICs

Commercial Advantages

  • Routing traffic between VMs inside a hypervisor

    Routing traffic between VMs inside a hypervisor

    Simplify your network topology. Traffic between VMs does not need to leave the hypervisor.

  • Run a web server or other software behind a router

    Run a web server or other software behind a router

    Protect your web servers from unauthorized access; use a single public IP address for multiple servers.

  • Replacing hardware router appliances with a virtual one

    Replacing hardware router appliances with a virtual one

    Reduce or even outright eliminate expenses for hardware appliances by replacing them with virtual machines.

  • Analyzing traffic for anomalies and collecting statistics

    Analyzing traffic for anomalies and collecting statistics

    Get actual information about the network state and be prepared to react to new events.

The “Why”

Microsoft Hyper-V and VyOS help to deliver end-to-end solutions for clients to build complex or simple network infrastructure.

Here are the main benefits of this solution:

Easily serviced by technical staff thanks to Hyper-V Manager, VyOS unified CLI, image-based distribution and first-hand support.

Support for a long list of network topologies and technologies.

Scalable resource usage from small systems to high-end instances.

Easy configuration with the same functionality on all types of devices.

Easy migration of the entire infrastructure between clouds with Hyper-V management tools.

Virtual deployment support for on-premises servers and public/private clouds.


Explore a Range of Use Cases to Discover the Full Potential of VyOS

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