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Keep your network under control

Oracle VM Server can manage multiple virtual networks in a single pool of servers or a data center, and VyOS can give full control over the traffic in these networks. You can separate the traffic between VLANs, filter it using a stateful firewall, provide improved connectivity with policy-based routing and dynamic routing protocols, and use many other built-in features to solve networking tasks in virtualized environments.

Unite the resources

VyOS allows you to combine your multiple locations or pools of servers into a single network, which enables many virtual networking options, such as: controlling all the servers from a single place or VM Manager; providing direct connectivity between virtual machines in different zones; migrating virtual machines without service disruption; securely backing them up into remote storage. Using VyOS in your local server pool and inside Oracle Cloud Infrastructure even lets you export services to OCI without reconfiguration.

And more importantly – every connection between your machines will be encrypted, so you never need to worry about data leaks in the middle of internet or transport networks.

Oracle VM Server is one of the greatest products from the Oracle virtualization portfolio and a crucial building block of a complete virtual environment based on the efficient Xen hypervisor. It offers a wide set of functionality, including excellent support for networking with advanced topologies. VyOS can fill this stack to turn it into a full and effective service platform.



VyOS is a friendly solution for virtual environments, greatly easing the pain of deployment. Oracle VM Server allows installing virtual machines from an ISO image using native installers or deploying them from virtual appliances, and both ways can be used with VyOS.

Performance control

Performance control

Oracle VM Server supports up to 384 physical CPUs, 4096 virtual CPUs and 6TB memory, which can be divided automatically between virtual machines, using pre-configured rules and limitations. This allows assigning as much resource to a VyOS, as required. You will not need to purchase additional hardware each time you need to extend networking performance.



Both VyOS and Oracle VM Server are ready to provide high-availability services. Oracle VM Server contains built-in backup and migration tools, and VyOS allows using a cluster of routers as a single virtual routing instance. Combining this, especially with remote locations, you can create a truly reliable architecture for your services.

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The “Why”

Oracle VM Server is a virtualization solution that provides affordable enterprise-quality support for any environment with zero license cost. Together with VyOS, it brings a number of benefits. To name a few:

  • Cost-effective, enterprise-quality support.
  • Easy management with Oracle VM Manager and VyOS CLI.
  • Instant deployment of complete computing environments.
  • No deployment limitations or per-instance/per-router licensing.
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Explore more benefits from the VyOS solution brief. Full up the form and we will deliver it to your mailbox.