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VyOS on XCP-ng

XCP-ng is a high-performance enterprise-level virtualization platform with a vibrant ecosystem, recognized by industry-leading solutions and designed for server, desktop, and application virtualization. Based on Citrix XenServer Hypervisor, XCP-ng is a fully open-source virtualization platform meaning it’s easily usable from the source and provisioned by continuous improvement of the update process to make it more turnkey, allowing you to build a manageable infrastructure with scalable virtual resources.

Being compatible with most x86 servers on the market, XCP-ng has determined its primary goal – to deliver an easy way for the deployment of a VM-based infrastructure using Xen as a hypervisor and the powerful Xen API Project (XAPI) to provide a turnkey, working out-of-the-box solution for enterprise and data center platforms requiring virtualization.

With XCP-ng’s main product, called Xen Orchestra, a web-based GUI and designed to be the only tool on top of XenServer, you can manage pools, administer VMs, back up your entire infrastructure, and most importantly – get a turnkey complete solution for any version of XenServer.

Having joined the Xen Project under the Linux Foundation, XCP-ng acts as a bridge connecting the user community and developers for the purpose of gathering anyone willing to become a contributor to its ecosystem and manifests the result of massive cooperation and collaboration between individuals and companies to deliver a product without limits – no restricted features, no requirements to purchase licenses.

VyOS on XCP-ng

VyOS, a Debian GNU/Linux-based open source network operating system with VPN, router, and firewall functionality out of the box, supports the XCP-ng hypervisor by providing you full access to all its functionality at any time, as well as a high level of reliability and security along with maximum flexibility for your production environment.

With its routing focus, VyOS offers users access to enterprise-grade functionality such as powerful traffic filtering, flow analysis, HA topologies, IPsec, OpenVPN and NAT.

Common Use Cases



Extend your networking capabilities with VyOS by providing the basic network resources to your VMs, such as DNS, DHCP and NTP.

Private Network

Private Network

Use a wide range of VPN technologies provided by VyOS to span the VM network securely over the data center or even to remote sites.

Secure Connectivity

Secure Connectivity

Use VyOS’s powerful built-in firewall to separate the virtual machines and limit access from outside.

High Availability

High Availability

Use the HA features for 1+n redundancy to prevent unexpected downtime and disruption of critical operations.

Still not 100% sure about VyOS? Give it a shot and let the hands-on experience speak for itself!
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We’ve got your back

  • To ensure your business continuity, we offer enterprise support and services provided by a team of certified network engineers.
  • XCP-ng has specific support services available for the production environment. Support is delivered directly by the team developing XCP-ng itself.
  • XCP-ng also benefits from a large and active community constantly discussing and contributing to the development of the platform via the community forum.
  • Free access to project documentation with detailed explanations covering all software features is available online 24/7.

The most demanding Linux and Windows application workloads are now protected by VyOS’s firewall capabilities. With the XCP-ng and VyOS combined software solutions, you will enjoy a powerful, yet affordable and easy-to-use software experience.

What Our Customers Say

Check out our 57 reviews
Vyos Open source router and firewall platform
12 reviews

As an ISP, one of our most important use cases is to be able to run full BGP tables without any issues. We have been using VyOS for this for years now and it has worked absolutely flawlessly. I don’t think we’ve ever had an issue with this, in fact.

We also use VyOS to host a couple of hundred server-networks and VyOS handles this with ease, even with some of our networks having crazy amounts of access-rules on them and often having consistently high throughput and burst rates.

Whenever we do experience issues or we simply have theoretical questions, it never feels like the support team is far away. We usually receive very quick and concise answers to our inquiries. It’s a very nice feeling to know that everyone that’s working on the VyOS project seem to be experts at it, it does a lot for our confidence in running VyOS as much as we do.

Max Sörensen

I reached out to the Vyos team with an issue regarding my subscription and it was promptly resolved.

I have been using vyos for the past 6 maybe 7 years, came from pfsense and never looked back.

The most important features for me:

  • Ease of use
  • I can configure everything from the command line and have made small modifications as time has gone by. I keep a script with the full command set applicable to my firewall.
  • QoS
  • Setting up fq-codel is extremely intuitive and works flawlessly. I never had this kind of QoS with other solutions.
  • I do miss a web interface to display stats and such, but I can live without it for the time being.
Juan B. Rodriguez

I have nothing but good things to say about the VyOS Support Engineers. I think Dmitriy has owned our last 2 ticket, and the rest of the Support Team have all helped out. Taras, Yuriy, Jose, (and I hope I didn’t miss anyone) are quick to contribute and answer any questions I have. I believe it was Taras that even updated the VyOS/VMware doc to clarify a few things that I needed help understanding.

My boss just recently purchased a VyOS Subscription, or license, because we were experiencing a couple bizarre issues during our VyOS refresh of 30+ routers. We were struggling due to a single “show-stopper” issue, month after month, and not able to proceed with the rest of the refresh project. My boss, Daya Rajaratnam, decided we needed to get Commercial Support and open proper tickets and also to show our support of the VyOS Team.

Just hours after our Support PO went thru, I opened a ticket. I gave it a relatively low priority so I would know what to expect with future tickets. Its was great to see a response from an Engineer in just a couple hours. Fast forward a few days and the root cause was identified, I had a simple workaround in place and working in production(and had learned a lot from other Support Engineers that had contributed). What a HUGE load off my back to have that issue resolved with a reliable fix. 5 Stars for service, knowledge, and going above and beyond. (Hell, can I give them 10 stars?).

4 days later I opened a second ticket about an unrelated VTI issue that had also been plaguing us for many months. The experience was equally impressive and I again had a simple and reliable workaround.

Working with this group was a real pleasure.

Layne Jester
RedShield Security

I use Vyos from the beginning and his predecessor Vyatta. I like platform because has own style of architecture and similar cli like cisco and juniper.

I use platform to make migration from site to site or hybrid migration with Cloud.

I’d like that platform has all ipv6 attribute and use it very much.

Pavlin Dulev

VyOS is the backbone of our company network since the early Vyatta 6.x days. It scales to meet your needs – from 256MB Alix-Board Low-Power Box for small branch offices to multi-processor rackmounted/virtualized network appliance – and is extremely easy to integrate with other systems like monitoring and configuration management. The excellent support from Sentrium turns it into a truely complete product that meets all our requirements.

Head of IT
Enterprise Automation Foxit Software

I’m happy to recommend VyOS/Sentrium. We first began using VyOS several years ago; we maintain a VPN from cellular vendor network to our infrastructure. Since moving our infrastructure permanently to AWS, we decided to sign up for Sentrium’s professional product and service.

I recently ran into a peculiar issue with the IPSEC VPN after a version upgrade – Sentrium staff worked with me to resolve it, and were very prompt in providing information and resolution. We are running two instances, a primary and a backup, and both are working splendidly, with seamless failover.

Paul Theodoropoulos

Thank you for the prompt support. It is great to know that not only the product is a perfect fit for our needs, but also knowing that there is a professional support team we can rely on.

We use VYOS to connect distributed POPs to our data centers and provide secure Internet connectivity to the POPs.

Dan Shechter

I think you have a great product. Actually I like promoting your product to other customers and using it for demo purposes.

You are one of a kind today to support almost all network protocols.

Simon Östling
Arrow Electronics

You guys are great on support. Thank You.

Anthony Grevich

We are very excited about VyOS and use it as part of our products. VyOS convinces as a complete product with REST API and Wireguard support. The support is very fast and extremely competent.

Reto Giezendanner
Flow Swiss AG

VyOS is very powerful router

Candra Setiawan
Sep 20, 2020

I’ve been using vyos since 2013. I was looking at purchasing a couple of other hardware devices from a vendor that sounds like Jupiter. There were several licensing restrictions and extra costs that would have gone into the project, but thanks to Lanner electronics and vyos, the cost dropped by about 75% and we didn’t have to worry about extra licensing to do what we needed. I’m pretty much s novice when it comes to the network and network security side of the house, but our very experienced network team was more than impressed with vyos. And they were able to, not only complete, but add features, to our installation for several hundred workstations using 5Gb of bandwidth across 4 sites. Myself and a team with over 60 years of combined experience can’t recommend it strongly enough.

Reno Romanin
Sep 19, 2020

We want to partner with you 😉

Jegan Srimohanram
Sep 4, 2020

Dmitriy Eshenko was very knowledgeable, friendly and resolved the issue I was having.

Aug 20, 2020

Reliable solution for building Site-2-Site VPNs. It just works as expected.

Dmitrii Ermakov
Jul 7, 2020

Great quick service!

Travis Tillberry
Jul 4, 2020

VyOS is very useful for teaching IP routing basics at the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen. The command line interface is easy to learn and convenient to use. And VyOS includes all IP routing features required in the lab (KTlab at University of Applied Sciences Esslingen).

Michael Scharf
May 20, 2020

Startet with Vyatta and now moved to vyos.
Have bin using Vyatta/Vyos on hardware/VMware for many years. Also using Ubiquti routers.
We are using Vyos in our education.

May 12, 2020

Great software, decent support.

Fayyaz Ahmed
Apr 30, 2020

VyOS has been my go to virtual router distribution ever since vyatta got acquired. I love their new business model which makes sure the project stays afloat while still giving the community all the features being developed without restrictions.

Fahad Yousuf
Apr 27, 2020

I looked for an Opensource router with power ful command line.
So I found VyOS with lots of essential features like: BGP, RPKI, OSPF, IPSec and recently support MPLS in beside of very easy command line.

Keyvan Ghadimi
Apr 23, 2020

Started with Vyatta subscription in 2008. Upgraded to VyOS and still running. (BGP)

Apr 23, 2020

I’ve used VyOS (Vyatta) since 2014. It was the primary routing platform in an organization that supported 100+ sites and over 40,000 users. There is a learning curve for some who have come from a traditional environment, but it is an extremely flexible networking platform.

Robert Guice
Apr 22, 2020

Excellent Product. We have been using VyOS for couple of years for IPSec, BGP, Firewall, NAT etc features. Very stable and very easy to use.

Pritam Kharat
Apr 21, 2020

Super knowledgable and always ready to go the extra mile.

Apr 21, 2020

Excellent support, very quick response and kindly.

Alberto Benedi
Apr 20, 2020

We are working with VyOS (previously Vyatta) since 2014 and in general we are very satified.

VyOS is a great product. It’s very community driven. The only small downside at the moment is that some legacy staff needs to be reworked until the focus really could be set to the future.
But a lot of things are already changed.

Markus Berthold
Apr 20, 2020

VyOS has proven to be very reliable over the last 8 years we use it (starting with Vyatta).

Apr 20, 2020

Very reliable routing software with great community and support.

Christian Eich
Apr 20, 2020

Vyos is my go-to distro when setting up routers. Everything works out of the box, the installation process is simple and in a few minutes you’re good to go.

The development is really active, and you can easily reach the devs and the community through the forums if you need.

Aldemaro Campos
Apr 20, 2020

Excelent system and team.

Josué Conti
Apr 19, 2020

What an awesome Swiss-Army-Knife of a solution!
I’ve been using Vyos since the early days. It is an incredibly flexible, useful and stable router.

Very impressed with the recent re-shuffle, re-branding and formalizing of the commercial support model.

It will no-doubt bring Vyos on-par with other high-quality commercially-supported open source tools. In my view, better than your average Cisco/Juniper/Edgemax router.

Living Streams Trust
Apr 16, 2020

Very active development as of now in 2020. Great software.

Apr 15, 2020

Awesome Job guys.

Apr 15, 2020

Over the last two years of so, VyOS has become my go-to for a wide range of use cases, ranging from a simple home router all the way up to using it for private to public cloud connectivity on AWS, Azure and GCP. It’s also a great VPN appliance for road-warriors.

It doesn’t matter what I throw it on, KVM, Xen or VMware hypervisors, or bare metal Xeon, Xeon-D and below… it just works.

VyOS kicks … you know what. I hope you’ll decide to support the project too.

Francisco Amaral
Apr 15, 2020

You turn in on and it works.

Orlando Amador
Apr 15, 2020

VyOS is my go-to router distribution. I use it at client sites, at home, and would not hesitate to recommend it for most router/firewall needs. It runs superbly well on small low powered hardware as well as larger servers. I have never used or needed the paid support, but for a mission critical installation I would think it would be beneficial.

Ruel Tmeizeh
Apr 14, 2020

Great !

Used as bgp router and also in a different box as vxlan with great performance.

Xavi Céspedes
Apr 14, 2020

Amazing! Several features on a single platform.

Renan Ledo
Apr 14, 2020

We have been using Vyatta/VYOS for years now and recently started participating in paid support program. We are happy to do this as we think it is important to financially support good open source software. I have had a couple of support issues thus far where I was not able to easily find the answer I was looking for on the web. I could have taken more time to look, but instead I was able to open up a quick line of communication to the VYOS support team. Their response has been prompt and thorough and truly interested in answering the question versus just moving through tickets. Great Job!

David Smith
Apr 13, 2020

Reliable substitute for physical routers.

Richard Bollinger
Apr 13, 2020

It is an all in one networking solution for our remote branch office connectivity and corporate access. It can be nearly deployed everywhere (clouds / virtual appliance/ physical device). It is a perfect choice to add to your tech basket if you are a development-aware IT guy or an IT-aware developer. The development team are very supporting both technically and humanely.
You may interact in their slack channels with the contributors and product owners as well as file and watch the issues in their phabricator.
Although they offer official builds via subscription, you are allowed and may achieve the same build in DIY manner via the instructions for free. They also generously offer free subscription to support the soul of contribution to heavy contributors. Their recent empathy to offer free subscription and setup help for organizations falling into remote work category due to COVID protections is just an example of what makes you feel attached.

Apr 13, 2020

VyOS is an excellent virtual router and we have made it a staple of our IT systems; using it almost everywhere!

John W Kerns
Apr 13, 2020

Thank-you for VyOS! Stable, lots and lots of production level features, well thought-out cli contexts, config is readable, system is scriptable, easy access to tcpdump, easy to back-up and restore, great price.

Perryn Gordon
Apr 13, 2020

Perfect and fast OS for routers. Using it widely in our internal and external infrastructure, never had any kind of serious issues with it.

Kirill Kulbatskiy
Apr 13, 2020

You guys have been great to work with but you are making the wrong decision with T2100 to not set check igp as default. Every other BGP implementation does this. The feedback I am getting from the networking community says that no one wants this and I have demonstrated how it breaks BGP networks. This breaks BGP in a subtle way that only becomes apparent during a reroute. I am giving this feedback to help you improve.

Ben Russell
Apr 13, 2020

A very good community and excellent Router. VyOS ist very stable. We use VyOS to communicate with our servers in different locations. It works very well!

Apr 13, 2020

Great product with a good pro support !

Marc Sim.
Apr 13, 2020

Fantastic Product with superb support!

Reto Giezendanner
Apr 13, 2020

Found it a bit difficult to figure out the right product configuration for us, but we are happy with the product quality.

Ronny Timmermans
Apr 13, 2020

Discover other VyOS solutions

The “Why”

Since VyOS was developed as a software router from its very beginning, it fits perfectly into virtualization solutions. Adapt the resources to your specific conditions to implement an efficient and cost-saving system.

Key points

Low-risk infrastructure:

  • Network protection with simple or zone-based firewall rules.


  • Access to the company infrastructure for road warriors.
  • Convenient internet access via multiple channels.


  • Mass configuration of VyOS through Ansible, Saltstack or the VyOS API.
  • Easily install VyOS with the generic ISO image.
  • Support of a long list of network topologies and technologies.
  • Easily inspect, backup and control VyOS through text-based configuration and CLI.
  • Use as many VyOS instances as you need.
  • Fully open-source highly customizable operating system.

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