Corporate Software Subscription

The Corporate subscription provides access to an array of images for bare metal and virtual platforms. It’s perfect for companies with larger networks and multiple platforms that use VyOS in different roles and network levels.

This subscription allows you to deploy an unlimited number of routers within a single legal entity in one country.


$ 8000

3 Years commitment-10%

$ 7200 / y billed annually

5 Years commitment-20%

$ 6400 / y billed annually


Unlimited on-premises deployments within a single company

Support channels

Support portalSupport portal
Meetings (Zoom, Google Meets, MS Teams)Meetings (Zoom, Google Meets, MS Teams)
Technical Account ManagerTechnical Account Manager

Access to updates and source code

ISO image & source codeISO image & source code
Custom images upon request Custom images upon request 
Priority bugfixesPriority bugfixes

Access to special optimized images for virtualization platforms

Generic KVMGeneric KVM
VMware OVAVMware OVA
Nutanix AHVNutanix AHV
Proxmox VE (Cloud-Init)Proxmox VE (Cloud-Init)
OpenStack (Cloud-Init)OpenStack (Cloud-Init)

Access to images for bare metal platforms


SLA Coverage

Severity 1 / Reaction time

Best Effort

Severity 2 / Reaction time

Best Effort

Severity 3 / Reaction time

Best Effort

Severity 4 / Reaction time

Best Effort



Special conditions

Retail, Partner

Is this subscription for me?

If you are an organization looking for unlimited VyOS deployments within your company, our Corporate Subscription is designed for you. This plan is perfect for businesses that prioritize flexibility and cost-effectiveness over SLA-backed support, offering best effort support to keep your network running smoothly. Ideal for companies with the capability to manage their network infrastructure, seeking scalability and reliability

What’s included in support

  • Technical Support

    Assistance with troubleshooting and resolving issues related to VyOS performance. This support may be available through various channels, such as phone, email, or a support portal.

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

    For enterprise customers, service level agreements may be provided, outlining the VyOS Team commitment to certain levels of performance, uptime, and response times.

  • Subscription Support

    Assistance with subscription inquiries, activation, and management of subscriptions for the VyOS.

  • Bug Reporting and Feature Requests

    Report bugs or request new features to be considered in future updates, and releases.

  • Compatibility and Integration Assistance

    Guidance on integrating VyOS with various hardware and software components within the network.

  • Remote assistance

    Proactively identify and address issues in the network via remote access/control sessions.

  • Software Updates and Patches

    Access to regular software updates, releases, bug fixes, and security patches to ensure VyOS remains up-to-date and secure.


Here are some resources to help you learn more about VyOS, keep up with the development, and participate in it.

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