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Since border routers are the separation points between uplink, downlink and peering networks and the internet service provider (ISP), some points should be taken into consideration when choosing the right border routing platform to ensure it delivers crucial features and functions like support for a full internet routing table, mainstream routing protocols BGP and OSPF, access control lists, internet peering scale, device management and at least entry-level DDoS protection.

VyOS can be used as a border router, as it supports all necessary properties for this task, including dynamic routing protocols with the ability to control external traffic flows.

Routing features

Traffic Balancing
Traffic Balancing

Splitting and balancing traffic between multiple links optimize not only packet flow, latency and connectivity, but also gives you a fine control over your data flow into external connections. With BGP inside VyOS you can control connectivity to external networks by managing your network visibility, filtering announcements and marking routes with dedicated groups for easier management.


If you need an additional router, you can deploy one on almost any device with 64-bit x86 CPU, without having to obtain specific hardware. The productivity and performance of current microprocessors are growing rapidly, leading to constant appearance of new and more powerful devices at lower costs. Thus, such devices become increasingly more available, allowing you to speed up your router with small investments without having to alter the software.

Dynamic Internal Routing
Dynamic Internal Routing

Border gateway needs not only the ability to peer with autonomous external systems but also effectively route traffic between internal routers. VyOS supports OSPFv2 and OSPFv3, as well as RIP with RIPng to keep routing for both IPv4 and IPv6 resources under control.

Reliable Connection
Reliable Connectivity

ISPs are transit points for many users’ traffic and keeping them online at all times is an absolute top-priority task. Usually, this is done by providing multiple paths to the same resources on the internet that VyOS accomplishes by means of dynamic BGP routing or static load-balancing with automated failover.

High Availability
High Availability

Even the most durable routing solutions can’t ensure 100% uptime. To avoid troubles with a single point of failure, VyOS provides the ability to build multi-routers topologies with VRRP. You can always be prepared to face an unexpected problem and conduct maintenance in peace.

Use Cases

Fast deployment of new communication nodes with
commonly available hardware and minimum spending.

Deployment in rented locations within a single instance
next to additional, non-routing services.

ISP Border Router
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Benefits: Why VyOS?

  • Support for dynamic routing protocols to discover the network, maintain routing tables and calculate the best path for the traffic. Having low levels of routing overhead, using administrator specified paths and preventing network information leakage are the jobs of static routing.
  • Automation with scripting for advanced configurations allows you to actively react to events happening in your network and control your router via external automation tools.
  • Compatibility with a long list of hardware vendors helps our customers migrate from proprietary hardware or upgrade to higher performance software, enabling a successful transition to white box networking.
  • Ability to run the border router inside a virtual machine on the same hardware with other services.
  • A unified CLI as in classic hardware routers that help to inspect, backup and manage your infrastructure with ease.