VyOS For Good

VyOS For Good

VyOS For Good

We want to interact not only with our customers, investors and employees, but also with local communities and the society in general. We try to understand how we can, as a provider of a network OS that runs on a wide range of hardware, virtual machines and cloud providers, contribute to resolving social issues for the sustainable development of society.

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Why VyOS?

VyOS is a completely open-source, fully customizable project that provides stable and efficient network performance.

For schools, colleges and universities

VyOS has always been and will continue to be an open source project, and we are happy to offer access for schools, colleges and universities, so that students, academic personnel and laboratories can enjoy the full benefit of using open-source software like VyOS for their studies and research.

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For Education

For non-profit organizations

Helping other businesses to drive economic development, contributing to education, health, arts and virtually every sector of society, non-profit organizations definitely play an important role in every country. We recognize the importance of the work performed by non-profit organizations. As part of the open-source community, we fully support your active civic position and are ready to provide help.

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For Nonprofit Organizations

For emergency services

Not all heroes wear capes, but we still need your support, bravery, heroism and willingness to save lives under any condition. A reliable, open-source network OS for paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters, emergency rescuers, military personnel and other first responder branches, is ready to take on your daily networking tasks and provide stable performance and access to remote units, offices and equipment. Sure, you’ll still be doing the superhero part of work, but hey… there will be less to worry about with us on top of your network game.

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For Emergency Services

For startups

With all the everyday struggles of start-ups related to budgeting, planning, determining the right strategy, hiring the right people and so on, we’d like to make networking a one less thing for you to worry about. Whether it’s on-prem, virtual-machine or cloud deployment – VyOS got you covered; all-round, open source, vendor neutral routing platform is at your disposal. While you’re striving for success, we are there for you to help you succeed.

VyOS for startups

For recycling organisations and facilities

Taking care of our environment is an important and not an easy thing, hence the networking infrastructure of yours can be characterized in the same way. While you look after our planet, VyOS looks after your network. As a community driven project, we want to join a greater cause and help you to make our planet a better place for all of us.

VyOS for recycling organisations and facilities

Success Stories


J. Warren McClure School of Emerging

The J. Warren McClure School of Emerging Communication Technologies (ECT) at Ohio University has used VyOS since early 2014. Prior to VyOS, our student labs were ran using CiscoInfrastructure which limited the capacity of students we could teach at a given time due to the expense and space constraints of physical hardware. On top of that, we faced issues of buying hardware with features that were unnecessary for our purposes, our curriculum requires a breadthof capacity rather than a depth of options. Our growing needs required us to look for new options.


Beat Loosli, GiBB, Bern, Switzerland

We have been using VyOS (formerly Vyatta) for years in computer science education. In Switzerland, there is a four-year training course in vocational education and training to become a system computer scientist and application developer. Every year we train about 350 IT specialists in Bern (Switzerland).

Our training is very action-oriented and close to the real world. During the four years of training, the apprentices work on a learning arrangement with about 20 virtual machines. Half of these are Linux-based and half Windows-based machines, and we use VyOS for network teaching.


Get your free VyOS subscription today

We are happy to offer a premium subscription to non-profit organizations free of charge as both a token of our gratitude and a means of helping others make our world a better place.

Your subscription comes with the following benefits:

  • Rolling release and LTS release ISO
  • Rolling release and LTS release source code
  • Public bug tracker and feature requests
  • Security advisories before public disclosure
  • Access to hotfixes
  • Migration assistance
  • Company level access domains
  • Private support via our support portal
  • SLA support subscriptions

Rely on safer, scalable network infrastructure with VyOS

LTS release, tech support, migration support, and other benefits of a paid subscription will be at your disposal shortly.

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